August 23rd

Packing up all of my gear today had an odd sense of finality associated with it. Since I had no food to eat for breakfast, as soon as I woke up at 8 I packed up my gear. I wasn’t  entirely sure if I should pack up the small amount of clothes I’d been wearing, … More August 23rd

August 22nd

I fell asleep pretty early last night to the calming sound of light rain hitting my tent. I woke up around 1am when I felt my waterbed leaking… Wait a minute, I don’t have a waterbed? I thought to myself as I shot awake in the darkness and frantically searched for my headlamp.  What was … More August 22nd

August 21st

The steep hills on yesterday’s ride took a bit of a toll on my legs this morning. After packing up camp and doing some tuneups on my bike I finally got on the road around 10:30. I listened to Christopher Hitchen’s slightly inflammatory critical analysis of Mother Teresa, title the “missionary position”. It’s often interesting … More August 21st

August 20th

Last night I had a family show up at the campsite a few feet adjacent to mine around 9pm. This was no regular family, this family was so much the epitome of the nuclear family that I could almost feel the gamma rays being emitted from them. My impression was that they must have wanted … More August 20th

August 19th

Today was a full rest day so I didn’t ride my bike any further than into town to get some groceries. I found I’ve been able to get by on one food resupply every 3 days or so. Carrying food is heavy, but u find it eaiser than the logistics of unpacking all of my … More August 19th

August 18th

Yesterday I said the roads in Maine were wonderful. I should have said New Hampshire, as that was actually the state I was biking through for the majority of the day, whoops.  Today was a leisurely ride through New Hampshire into Massachusetts. It was sunny and hot all day, which was a welcome change to … More August 18th

August 17th

The roads in Maine are wonderful for cycling. Enormously large paved shoulders the size of a full lane to bike on. Much of the roads I biked on today were  bordered with tall and overarching trees that provided some nice relief from the sun. On the other hand, those selfish trees and their phototropisim were … More August 17th